5 Signs That Your Kidneys Aren’t Working Properly

The human is truly a biological wonder. Not only does it work constantly, but it also improves and maintains itself with minimal external interjection. There are times, however, when one part or the other will succumb to sickness, henceforth jeopardizing the entire body since it is all a well-oiled machine that depends on each and every cog to function optimally. For example, when the kidneys are malfunctioning, the body starts sending signals to show what is wrong, and it would do well to remember them. To help you with that, here are 10 signs that your kidneys are not working as well as they should.

1. Sleeping issues

Toxins, waste, and excess fluids accumulate once your kidneys stop working properly, and the former substances end up poisoning the blood since they do not get flushed out through urine. The huge amounts of toxins will make it much harder to sleep, and, even when you do sleep, it is notably less than usual. The lack of sleep will end up accelerating the kidneys’ failure.

A kidney disease patient is also prone to sleep apnea, which pauses of breath while sleeping which can last up to 60 seconds, and which end up with the patient snoring due to the violent way the breath comes back.

2. Headaches and exhaustion

Chronic kidney disease hinders the kidneys from producing vitamin D, which is essential for the upkeep of bone strength, density, and the production of Erythropoietin, a hormone that is indispensable in the generation of red blood cells. The lack of red blood cells due to the smaller amounts of Erythropoietin make it harder for o2 to travel throughout the body and boost its functions, which will end up with the patient’s suffering from severe fatigue and, as a consequence, muscle fatigue, brain included, hence the headaches.

3. Dry and itchy skin

The kidneys are responsible for calibrating minerals, fluids, and the overall cleanliness of the body. As such, when they malfunction, the body’s mineral balance is shot, and the skin grows dry and itchy. This sign is one of the most obvious and it can even get as serious as the skin cracking and opening up.

Staying hydrated at all times does help with dry skin. However, a medical consultation is in order so as to check whether it is, indeed, due to kidney failure or some other, perhaps milder, disease.

4. Bad breath

Be it bad breath or feeling that your taste is a little metallic, it can all be a sign that you are experiencing kidney failure. Since the kidney do not work as they should be, and the toxins have accumulated in the body and contaminated it throughout the blood stream, the lungs being no exception, they will affect the body somehow. The contamination of the lungs will end up with your breath smelling terribly, and you will stop craving meat since it will taste too metallic for you and start losing weight at a rapid pace.

5. Breathing issues

It may seem as a stretch, but these two, breathing issues and kidney disease, are directly related. The malfunctioning of the kidneys ends up with the body overflowing with fluids, which will then flood the lungs. As a result, the lungs will not be able to intake as much air as the body needs for minimal effort and, once the latter is exercised, the patient will suffer from shortness of breath. Also, anemia is directly responsible for robbing the body of oxygen since blood is no longer rich enough with red blood cells.

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